The Williamson County Association of REALTORS® has 3 different types of committees: Standing Committees, Special Committees/Focus Groups and Task Forces.

Standing Committees

Standing Committees are identified in the bylaws, appointed annually. As per the bylaws, each standing committee shall consist of no less than six (6) members who shall serve a one (1)-year term, however; at least two (2) members shall be replaced each year.  All committee chairpersons shall be primary members of The WC. All committees shall have a Board Liaison appointed by the President. The 2015 Standing Committees and their chairpersons are as follows: 

Bylaws and Policy Kristi Sanguinet
Finance Susanna Boyer, Treasurer
Governmental Affairs  Terri Romere
Membership  Kasey Jorgenson & David Raulston
TREPAC  Michele Sherwood
Special Committees/Task Forces

Per the bylaws of the Association, Special Committees/Task Forces are formed at President’s discretion with board approval and are not to exceed the president’s remaining term in office.

Professional Development Debby Moran
Marketing Kent Prickett
Task Force

Task Forces are appointed for a specific purpose, and disbanded upon completion. The 2016 Task Forces and the chairpersons are: 


Jack Stapleton


Kriston Wood


Tara Knight & Celina Johnson


J. Rene' Ward


Rachelle Anselmi

Community Service Kiersty Lombar
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