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Property Tours
What is a Property Tour?

Property tours were created in the spirit of sharing and cooperating with fellow agents as a marketing tool to expose more properties to more agents. Property Tours allow agents the opportunity to: (1) gain more knowledge about the current available inventory; (2) allow the exchange of ideas on the presentations of homes; (3) exchange new listings, price changes or reductions, and ask about buyers needs; and (4) find properties that have certain attributes that buyers are looking for that might not stand out in the MLS system.

Where & When do these tours occur?

These tours are held across Williamson County on various dates and times. To see the list of tours within and around Williamson County, click the tour area to the right under the related links.

Why do you have property tours?

Property Tours allow agents to tour the homes of other agent’s clients. Feedback is given to assist the listing agent in making the property marketable.

How do I add my listing to a specific tour ?
  • During the listing presentation, you as an agent might want to use the idea of a property tour as a marketing tool you will use to sell their house.

  • You as an agent will submit listing information to the tour coordinator

  • Be sure to check with the tour coordinator for the cut off time of application 

  • Check with the coordinator for information about their time and location (or see the scheudle to the right under related links)

What happens the day of the tour?

Do not forget to remind your clients of the date and time of the tour so they are not startled when a large group of agents enters their house. Do not forget to relay and inform them that agents from all companies will be coming through the property to see if it matches a buyer that he/she is currently working with.

The listing agent acts as the host at the house to point out the attributes/upgrades the seller has done and collects feedback. This feedback is presented to the seller in the hopes of making changes & adjustments in the way the home is presented.

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