Important Supra Reminders

  • Supra Lockboxes are specific to the MLS that they are subscribed.
  • Agents must also subscribe to the same MLS that the lockbox is subscribed in order to gain access. 
  • Supra eKEY® allows your smartphone to be used as a lockbox key. 
  • You can load as many MLS subscriptions as you want into your eKEY®, by contacting your local Board and requesting a Co-Op of your key. 
  • If your subscription matches the MLS on the lockbox, your phone can grant access to the listing. 
  • If you enter your listing in multiple MLS Subscriptions, we recommend using lockboxes for each MLS to ensure agents from each MLS can gain access to avoid confusion.

Please contact the Association at 512.255.6211 or at with any questions.