Williamson County REALTORS® advocate by means of identifying and harnessing resources directed at protecting real property rights and increasing political awareness. This is a primary facet of what we do.

To learn how you can invest in our local, state and national advocacy efforts, visit the TREPAC page.  We encourage you to make your investment today.

Here are the areas that Williamson County REALTORS® works to advocate on your behalf:




President Joe Biden

US Senate

John Cornyn
Ted Cruz

US House

John Carter



Texas Governor

Gregg Abbott

State Senate

Charles Schwertner

State House

John Bucy (Dist 136)
James Talarico (Dist 52)
Terry Wilson (Dist 20)



Williamson County Judge

Robert Gravell

Williamson County Commissioners

Terry Cook, Precint 1
Cynthia Long, Precinct 2
Valerie Covey, Precint 3
Russ Boles, Precinct 4



We encourage you to view this map of Williamson County Texas: