File A Complaint

Most complaints result from misunderstandings. If you have a problem with a real estate professional, you may want to speak with them or with a principal broker in the firm. Open, constructive discussion often resolves questions or differences, eliminating the need for further action.

TREC (Texas Real Estate Commission)

If you feel there has been a violation of The Real Estate License Act (law), or TREC rules, you have the right to file a complaint with TREC. (advertising or sign issues)


Every REALTOR® must adhere to a strict code of ethics, which is based on professionalism and protection of the public. As a REALTOR®’s client, you can expect honest and ethical treatment in all transaction-related matters. If you believe that a REALTOR® has acted in conflict with the REALTOR® Code of Ethics, you have options to report ethics violations through the state association, Texas REALTORS®.

Step 1. How to Find an Agents Info

You can look the agent up on the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) website. This will provide you with the agent’s license number and brokerage.

Step 2. How to Find an Agents Broker

Before filing a complaint, we reccomend communicating with the real estate professional and their broker.

Step 3. File a Complaint with the Corresponding Entity

(Professionalism and/or ethics issues)

(Advertising or sign issues)