Membership FAQs

There is a misconception that every person who has been granted a real estate license by TREC is a REALTOR®.  The truth is that not all licensees are REALTORS®.  To be a REALTOR® or a member of Williamson County REALTORS® means that you have voluntarily chosen to function at a higher standard.

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Do I have to live in Williamson County to be a member?

No. Our primary area of operations is Williamson County and the National Association of REALTORS® has entrusted WCREALTORS to uphold the REALTOR® brand, Code of Ethics and Professional standards in Williamson County. However, NAR has the policy of Board of Choice. This means that you choose which local association(s) you want to be a member of. We suggest that you partner with the association in the county or area you primarily work AND whose culture and philosphy most closely align to your business model. We suggest that you partner with the association in the county or area you primarily work AND whose culture and philosphy most closely align to your business model.

Why choose WCREALTORS?

You have a choice in which association/board to join when becoming a REALTOR®. While there are a number of reasons why our members align, there are certainly some common themes. Among those are:

  1. Truly personal and professional service – WCREALTORS practices member engagement. We strive to provide a live voice when you call, a knowledgeable person to give an accurate answer and ongoing service to brokers, agents and affiliates
  2. Top notch education by instructors who have experience as an agent AND who pass a rigorous approval process
  3. Geocentric advocacy – WCREALTORS advocates for its members at the National, state and local level. We know what is happening here in Williamson county and we work on issues to members who practice in Williamson County
  4. Value – our members find amazing value for the cost of our local membership dues.
What is "Board of Choice"?

The “Board of Choice” concept allows REALTORS® to choose the board to which they want to belong on the basis of the factors they decide are most important rather than being limited by office location or jurisdictional boundaries.

Do I have to be a REALTOR® to get MLS?



Williamson County Association of REALTORS® or WCREALTORS is a non-profit professional association in Williamson County, Texas. We are the local association affiliated with both the Texas REALTORS® and the National Association of REALTORS®.

What is the difference between an Association and an MLS?

A REALTOR® association is a non-profit body recognized and in partnership with the National Association of REALTORS®. MLS is a subscription service available to REALTOR® members. It is a tool of and benefit for REALTORS®.

How much does it cost to join WCREALTORS?

We believe in transparency. For a complete list of dues, subscription and service pricing, see our services page.

What is the difference between "primary" and "secondary" membership?

The main difference is functional. The primary association or board that a REALTOR® member belongs to has obligations to collect State & National dues, assist with RPAC/TREPAC investments and account for a member.

What is the advantage of CTXMLS?

CTXMLS is one of 100s of MLS systems around the country. We believe it is superior for a number of reasons.

  1. Operated by 5 equal shareholders and covers a geographic footprint from South of Waco all the way to Victoria.
  2. RESO platinum certified.
  3. Has primary syndication to approx 75 national sites and more than 4,000 secondary sites.
  4. Built with the listing agent in mind. Fifth, it offers exceptional value for the cost.
What is a CIE?

A CIE is a commercial Information Exchange. It is not an MLS . It is simply a means for commercial practitioners to share their data around the globe while driving traffic back to themselves.

Can I be a member of WCREALTORS and subscribe to ACTRIS, NTREIS, HAR or another MLS?

Yes. You can subscribe to any and/or all of the MLS systems that your broker is a member of.

Do I have to be a member of WCREALTORS to subscribe to the CIE?

No. You must however be a licensed real estate agent in Texas.

What is an Affiliate Member?

An affiliate member is a non-agent member of the association that wishes to partner with WCREALTORS because of his/her involvement in the real property world. From appraisers to inspectors, mortgage lenders to title companies and everything in-between. If you are involved in a real property service, consider JOIN WCREALTORS today

What do affiliate members receive?

As you well know, building a business is about opportunity. WCREALTORS creates opportunities for you to connect with members and consumers to further your business. Some of those Events & Opportunities can be found here. Be in the know and be in close proximity with people YOU want to do business with.