REALTOR® membership is three-tiered. Members also belong to their state REALTOR® Association and to the National Association of REALTORS®. Members of WCREALTORS’s belong to the Texas Association of REALTORS® (TAR) as their state Association. A REALTOR® may be a licensed Real Estate Salesperson (or Agent), Broker or Appraiser. REALTORS® belonging to the Texas Association of REALTORS® must be licensed by the State of Texas.

Williamson County Association of REALTORS'® education program offers a broad array of real estate education. Our programs address the needs of new as well as experienced real estate professionals and will guide the agent through professional designations and required CE & QE classes.

Comprehensive tools, information, and services give you the best opportunity to increase visibility and success. Members receive monthly magazines from the state and national associations, as well as the WCREALTORS newsletter and statistics which keeps you on top of education offerings, news, upcoming events, and more.

As a member of WCREALTORS, you will have access to affiliates who work with other REALTORS® on a daily basis These affiliates include mortgage lenders, title companies, builders, and other industry-related companies. Our members benefit by having a variety of top-rated affiliate resources available to them.

Opportunity for involvement in local, state, and national industry activities as well as up to date news and statistics. Online forms provide members with the tools they need to stay ahead in the market We offer political forums, fundraising events and education on issues that directly affect the real estate industry.

REALTORS® will find that our focus is on you and your business. We host bi-monthly orientations meetings, an annual golf tournament, technology seminars, and special events to give members opportunities to establish professional contacts.

Affiliate Membership

Those who do not hold an active real estate license but work with REALTORS® and/or their clients can belong to WCREALTORS as an Affiliate Member (also referred to as Business Partner.) Membership dues to WCREALTORS allow our affiliate members to belong to both WCREALTORS and TAR. 

Membership in WCREALTORS opens doors to the opportunity to network with our REALTOR® members as well as exclusive advertising opportunities. For example, classroom/education advertising is available only to our affiliate members. As an affiliate member, you receive access to the member benefits of both WCREALTORS and the Texas AssociAssociationALTORS. Furthermore, our members receive discounts on many of the events and advertising opportunities. Only members of our Association are able to search for other members using the mobile application, be on committees, and our members are listed under Business Partners on the website

More information advertising, membership rates, and benefits are available through the website or by contacting the Association at 512.255.6211.

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