Professional Development

Central to the purpose of our association is providing education for our members and community. Specifically, we educate members in areas of geographic competence geo-specific to Williamson County, Texas, in line with professional life-cycles of REALTORS® and pertinent to the real estate industry.

What is the REALTOR® life-cycle? Through research, Williamson County REALTORS® has compiled an example of a REALTOR’S® life cycle. The education opportunities we offer are held with the intent of expanding the tenure of members.

The life-cycle of REALTORS® can be viewed in stages:


TREC –The Texas Real Estate Commission– sets the standard for becoming a real estate agent. Williamson County REALTORS® has partnered with the The Real Estate Business School of Salado to provide pre-licensing classes.

License-First Renewal

During the first 2 years of becoming licensed, agents in Texas must complete 90 hours of Sales Apprentice Education (SAE) plus Legal 1, and Legal 2 in order to renew, for a total of 98 hours. Williamson County REALTORS® provides those SAE hours both through earning a Graduate Realtor® Institute (GRI) designation and other courses.

Adaptation to Specialty

Because of the requirements of competency, most agents narrow in on a specific field of practice.  Typically, those fields are Residential, Commercial, property management, Farm & Ranch, Land, Global, Seniors, Veterans, Auction or Foreclosures.  Williamson County REALTORS® offers courses and designations to help you succeed.

Becoming a Broker/Broker Associate

Becoming a broker is a big step. Williamson County REALTORS® offers broker responsibility, pre-test prep and more.


Transitioning out of the industry can be daunting. Williamson County REALTORS® offers both classes and connections to business planning activities to assist you.