The SUPRA System consists of the Supra eKEY® phone App and the Supra electronic iBox BTLE. The Supra eKEY® is available to REALTORS® who are a subscriber to the CTXMLS and Affiliates who hold a professional license and/or is pertinent to a real estate transaction. Electronic Supra iBoxes are available for purchase through Williamson County REALTORS®. Be sure to check out Supra training videos in our video library.

eKEY® and Lockbox Pricing:

  • Lockboxes are $125 each. For fast pick up call the office prior so we can have the box set up and ready for you when you arrive
  • eKEY® billing is offered
    • Monthly – $20 + tax
    • Quarterly – $60 + tax
    • Semi-annual – $120 + tax
    • Annually – $240 plus tax
  • Billing terms will match what the terms are for the agents CTXMLS services

Co-op Request: 

Subscribers to the CTXMLS who have a Supra eKEY® through another MLS may request to have their eKEY® activated to open CTXMLS lockboxes for free. Simply provide the eKEY® Serial number, four digit PIN code and the MLS Service you receive the eKey from. Your co-op remains active for as long as you have an active eKey and subscribe to CTXMLS.

If you currently have a CTXMLS SUPRA eKEY® and wish to have it co-oped with another MLS service simply call that MLS and request a co-op.  If they require any information from WCREALTORS we are happy to assist. You will need to provide them with the eKEY® serial number located at the top of the App screen, your four digit PIN and let them know that you obtain the eKEY® from Williamson County REALTORS®

To confirm co-op access has been granted, contact SUPRA at 877-699-6787.


eKEY® Basic

Supra’s eKEY® Basic software turns your smartphone into a lockbox key and brings a set of useful tools to your business. With eKEY® Basic you can:

  • Set access hours to listings, change keybox shackle codes, and track keybox inventory
  • Get real-time data at the door, including a listing photo and current property notes
  • Quickly and easily show properties using the phone’s biometric feature or even the Apple Watch®
  • Browse SupraWEB on your smartphone​​
  • Receive real-time showing information when showings start and end

How do I use my eKEY?

eKEY Quick Start Guide


iBox BT LE

The Supra iBox BT LE is a bluetooth lockbox allowing REALTORS® to safely store keys and keep records of who enters their listings. Each time an iBox is opened both the key and box record the date, time and identity of the keyholder.

iBox BT LE is equipped with a  large key container and can hold both gate cards and keys. The shackle is​ completely removed from the key box for easy handling when placing the iBox BT LE on a property.

How do I use my iBox BT LE?




SupraWEB is the agent website that is available to all Supra keyholders. Real estate agents use SupraWEB to help manage their listing and showing information. Valuable showing data is accessible through SupraWEB so that agents can create reports for their clients, send updates about a particular listing to agents who recently showed that listing, or provide showing feedback.

Agents may use SupraWEB to choose to receive automatic email notices (showing alerts) when a showing occurs at their listings.

Mobile SupraWEB is available from within the eKEY® software to view information while on the go.

How to subscribe:  You may subscribe when you initially fill out the CTXMLS application online or if you would like to add the Supra eKey to an existing MLS account call/ visit the office and someone will assist you in getting set up.

Instructions for SupraWeb for Real Estate Agents