Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program

The Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program educates participants and shows them how to use their talents to make a difference in their professional and personal areas of interest.

The program consists of eight modules, usually presented once per month. It is delivered through our local associations and is not offered at the state level. If you are interested in participating in a class, please contact your local association to find out when the next class starts.

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Applications are due February 24th, 2022 by 11:59pm.

For your application to be considered, you must include:

  1. A current bio
  2. A picture of yourself in .jpeg or .png format
  3. A check in the amount of $400 made out to the Association

*Checks will be held in escrow until it has been determined which applications have been selected.  

Please either mail or drop off your check at the Williamson County Association of REALTORS®.

“It was such an amazing program. Not only did I get to team build with agents from all over Texas but we all bonded and will be friends & colleagues forever. TRLP pushes you out of your comfort zone and forces you to grow in a challenging and exciting way” It was a great experience and an honor to be in the program. I would highly recommend it to anyone that wants to strive for excellence in the real estate profession.”

Victoria Crick-Thornton

2021 Graduate

“Participating in TRLP challenged me, motivated me, and inspired me!  I met some of the most amazing people and had the opportunity to travel all over our region to see how other Boards operate, to meet other leaders and see how they celebrate their successes and overcome challenges, and we spent time at the State Capitol observing how our legislature sets policy and laws that impact homeowner rights.  I connected with other Realtors who are positively driving our profession forward.  Through this experience I learned what I was capable of and who I could lean on when I needed help to reach the goals I set for myself. The connections are strong, the learning is powerful and the experience is life-changing.”

Jennifer Tucker

2017 Graduate

“As a 2010 Graduate of TRLP, I learned skills to help me become a leader in the real estate community.  Since graduating TRLP, I have served in many leadership roles including President of Women’s Council Austin, Women’s Council Texas State Network as a DVP and Chair for TREPAC for two different associations. I grew as a person and became more confident in myself. One of my favorite parts was public speaking (I didn’t know this at the time) but I can actually hold a microphone in my hand now and not almost cry.  I met some life-long friends along this journey. I will always cherish this experience.”

Ruby Johnson

2010 Graduate

“TRLP was the beginning of my leadership journey. After I completed the program, I started my path to becoming a Broker and very soon afterward stepped up as the Broker of Record and purchased my Brokerage.

During TRLP, I learned the logistics of our State Association as well as MLSs and I truly became an expert in Real Estate and practiced leadership skills which quickly became a part of my day-to-day business.

I’m extremely grateful for the connections that I made during TRLP. Some of us became brokers of our own office at around the same time, so we are able to share experiences and lessons with each other. We also pass referrals back and forth to each other.”

Lorrie Kennedy

2015 Graduate

“TRLP is an amazing journey.  You learn the knowledge and skills needed to become a leader within the industry.   You meet agents all over Texas and bond with them through team building exercises.  It was an honor to go through the TRLP program.  I highly recommend to anyone that wants to move forward and be a leader in the industry. “

Julie Jones

2022 Graduate

“Texas Realtor Leadership Program is leadership, and so much more. As a  previous leader that’s been through many many leadership programs my expectations were honestly rather low for this program… WOW was I wrong! 

I learn so much about myself, deep stuff you don’t casually talk about, our TRLP family opened up and through this program became such genuinely deep supportive friends… yes, you get a Region 8 network, but it is so much more than that!
I read all the same mushy stuff that I’m now typing, which is why I was kind of skeptical… Little did I know it is all true and then some. This program is just like real estate you get out what you put in… I’m thankful  to say I put a lot in an honor to say I got even more out!
Region 8 is full of absolutely amazing people, on your TRLP journey you will get to meet and maybe even get to know many of them!
Leadership, public speaking, your REAL reason why, tips, tricks, tools, self-care, TREPAC Advocacy, Texas Realtor staff and leadership.
Lastly what opportunities are available to you to give back!”
Alisha Austin

2022 Graduate

“TRLP opened my eyes to the numerous avenues of joining the sphere of influence available to a business professional within this industry. In real estate, there are internal and external legacy opportunities waiting for someone to dive in, connect, learn, and improve. I’m grateful for the experiences I enjoyed and for the relationships built.”

Joseph Towns

2021 Graduate

“Being involved in and graduating from the TRLP – Texas REALTORS® Leadership Program is one of the best educational paths I have taken in all the years I’ve been in this industry.  It teaches team building as well as Leadership skills.  I’ve never had a problem speaking in front of a large crowd, and the Spokesperson Training just helped me be even more confident in speaking to any size group in any situation. The friendships you make in this 9 month long journey will last forever. I have my TRLP Sisters that I talk with and meet up with as much as possible, and it’s been 11 years since I graduated from our Region 8 TRLP class. TRLP also empowered me to serve on the local, state and national levels of leadership.”

Susanna Boyer

2012 Graduate

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